Resentable Freshie - Morgan Wallen - Car Freshie

Resentable Freshie - Morgan Wallen - Car Freshie

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This listing is for (1) Pre Scented Morgan Wallen Freshie . Unlike other Car Air Fresheners, these are resuable! Pair with one of our coordinating Fragrance Sprays or one of your own once the scent that I apply wears off.

Some oils may make the image run 1
This is not preventable and will be very minimally noticed.

When applying your own fragrance- some sprays & oils may make the inks bleed as well so please spray the same side to keep one side flawless.

*Please read the disclaimer on your Freshie package* - We are not responsible for damages to your freshie image or any damages it may cause to other surfaces due to misuse.

Please specify your choice of scent in NOTES at checkout. It no note is listed, I will choose randomly.

Aqua de Gio
A true Duplicate! A sexy, fresh, acquatic fragrance awakens the senses with a bouquet of freshness that exudes sensuality and serenity.

Butt Naked
A green fruity bouquet with strawberry, banana, peach and melon topnotes with sweet lactony background.

Bird of Paradise
A sweet mixture of Strawberry, Vanilla, and Wild Cherry.

Baja Cactus Blossom
BBW type - Top Notes - citrusy, fruity , green an slightly spicy
Middle Notes - jasmine, lavender & bergamot type of floral
Bottom Notes - long lasting sweet vanilla& musky

Black Ice
One of the most popular and well known tree air fresheners ever made. Clean, and citrusy fresh top notes with middle notes of Lavender. Lily of the Valley & Jasmine finished off with added touch of mossy, woody, musky and ambergis bottom notes

Black Cherry
Ripe Cherry sweetened by peach and vanilla.

Cowboy Britches
Black Ice Type & Leather Mix

Dusty Mexican Morning
An intriguing blend of peach, cherry, sweet valencia orange with hints of Jasmine, Amber, Musk & Coconut Milk.

From New Cars to New Shoes we all love the smell of fresh leather! This is by far the best leather fragrance I have come across.

The most subtle blend of leather and vanilla, similar to a new car scent

Pink Sugar
An beautiful and enticing medley of sweet cotton candy and lemon drops with raspberry jam, sweet caramel, fragrant lily of the valley and soft musk.

Aqua de Gio & Leather Mix

Strawberry Leather
A sweet soft mixture of strawberry’s
cream and leather

Delectable creamy vanilla and dark brown sugar
mix together with smoky tobacco and mahogany woods.

Tropical fruits, sugared oranges, lemons and limes, redolent with lightly exotic mountains greens.

We also carry season scents- convo me for our current options!